-Creamy and thick New England Clam Chowder Starter Soup Mix ideal for large events or commercial use like catering, lodging, restaurants, and parties, with 17 servings per pouch.

-This popular creamy, clam-flavored starter mix requires no refrigeration, making it simple to make just add water or if you want, add more clams or other seafood.

-A comforting classic perfect for creative chefs to use as soups, sauces, or an ingredient for use in food recipes.

-Full of delicious flavor this clam chowder soup mix is foodservice chef-ready, made with real clams, real potatoes and vegetables, preserving their just picked taste to deliver restaurant quality soup.  

-Simple meal solutions, easy to prepare gourmet soups.

-No stress over expiration dates; Shelf stable soups with up to 15-year extended shelf life.

-Delivering quality, value, and taste with every spoonful.